Fully Utilize 12 inch dash cam mirror To Enhance Your Business


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You can see the resistance of the connection in the picture. In this case, the voltage 12 is displayed. 3 V, resistance 4. 7 ohms and current 2. 56 A. The mark on the potentiometer indicates the position below 3a. In this case, the limit Led is not on, but increasing the voltage will cause the Led light to be on.

Fully Utilize 12 inch dash cam mirror To Enhance Your Business

Why is 12 inch dash cam mirror ?

The end result is to set the horizontal line on the screen that defines the height of the image (Or the height of the alphanumeric symbol). The easiest way I can think of is to align the mirror along the perimeter of the bottom of the drum and have some way to adjust the alignment angle.

12 inch dash cam mirror Application

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Features and Usages For 12 inch dash cam mirror

I curl on the fully insulated spade terminal on the cable to connect to the switch. As you can see in the picture, the inverter comes with a standard 12 v plug, but this is not good for my switch installation. I cut the plug and looked inside and found which line was positive (

12 inch dash cam mirror Video

In Conclusion

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