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This will create a new set of correspondence to calibrate the projector and estimate the camera-External parameters of the projector. See More detailed description of the camera-Calibration process of projector system. 2. 2. Object detection. Perform target detection on the 3D Dot Cloud obtained by re-projecting each depth image pixel (u, v, Z)to 3D point (X, Y, Z, 1).

rear view camera dash cam mirror | Gaminol

Why is rear view camera dash cam mirror ?

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Now, in this step, as an artist, you have to decide from which perspective to look at your work. Keep in mind that projection mapping usually works only from one angle. After deciding this, you now need to place a third camera in Cinema 4D, which represents the views of the audience. You want the audience standing at this point to see a completely distorted image.

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