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The 1 system means that there are 5 surround speakers and 1 subwoofer. The 5 surround speakers will be the central, left, right front and left, right rear speakers. There are a lot of Dolby Digital 7 systems in our time. 1 surround sound. Differences in 7 out of 7. 1 surround sound system and 5 in 5.

what is dashboard rear view mirror | Gaminol

Why is dashboard rear view mirror ?

For our special setup, we use two separate pixel pusher. Since the walls are divided into 9 panels and need to be assembled on site, from the point of view of implementation, this is the easiest if each panel is controlled by a single strip of pixelpusher. In addition, we used the pixelpusher configuration tool to burn pixels.

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Brushed aluminum and true wood trim adds a sophisticated look to the dashboardAn inch touch screen information entertainment screen centered on the central stage. The driver\'s dashboard is bright and easy to read with two information displays that can be changed according to the driver\'s preferences. Double StandardThe panel skylight adds a lot of light to help the ventilation feel of the entire cabin.

Features and Usages For dashboard rear view mirror

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In Conclusion

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