Rearview Mirror Dash Cam


Rearview mirror dash cam is device that replace your existing rearview mirror by functioning as a mirror but with a built-in camera recording system. And the installation is straight-forward and simply requires you to replace or mount the rear view mirror dash cam system on top of your existing rear view mirror.

This kind of dash cam provides a good rear view. If there are no forward obstructions, then installing a dash cam near the rearview mirror could be ideal, primarily if it is located up high and in the middle. It is because it allows the driver to have a good rear view of the rest of the car and what's behind the vehicle.

Rearview mirror dash cam is perfect for recording what's happening around you while driving. If you are unfortunately involved in an accident, it gives a full recording in the event that will be hugely convenient for the police, insurance companies, and yourself. 

Gofuture has four production lines, an aging test room and a clean panel paste operation room. With the professional testing and inspection equipment, we can easily meet the mass production demand. Our factory are doing ODM and OEM dash cam for 10 years, and also we support private design. If you want to know more about the dash cam production line for sale, please contact us directly.

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