Wifi Dash Cam


Traditionally, only higher end premium dash cams offered wifi feature. This feature in a dash cam can be highly useful, and sometimes even crucial in daily use. 

The wifi feature in a dash cam is what allows a smartphone to be paired to the dash cams. Unlike a regular wifi network signal that gives you internet access, the purpose here is just to connect the dash cam and smartphone together. 

Once connected and the dash cam’s app is opened, you can view, download footage and change settings straight from the app. This is a huge benefit as the SD card does not need to be inserted into a computer in order. Everything can be done from the phone.

This can be crucial when needing to look up footage or saving a footage right away so it doesn’t get overwritten, such as in the event of an accident and a police officer is on scene to look at the footage. If you come back to your vehicle after it was parked and there’s damage, you can quickly go through the dash cam footage and see what occurred, so that you know exactly what happened on the spot.

Gofuture is the dash cam production supplier, with numerous outstanding car recorders for sales which is trustworthy.With the professional testing and inspection equipment, we can easily meet the mass production demand. Our factory are doing ODM and OEM dash cam for 10 years, and also we support private design.

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