CarPlay/Android Auto Dash Cam


Carply/Google auto dash cam, yes you heard that right. This seemingly ordinary car recorder is not ordinary. Because it comes the Carply/Google AUTO screen projection function on it. It can also be said to be a multimedia-enabled driving recorder.

Carply/Google auto dash cam supports mirroring your phone to the recorder, and syncs some apps on your phone. For example: navigation, music, phone calls and other reliable operation functions. This product has modules such as Bluetooth and WIFI, which make its functions more smooth to use. When you enter the car, WIFI, Bluetooth will automatically connect to your mobile phone. In addition, you can directly talk to the machine through Siri voice, such as opening navigation, playing music, etc.

With this Cam with Carply/Google Auto Dash, you can free your hands and you can drive more attentively.

Gofuture has been focusing on driving recorders and consumer electronic products for 10 years, and can support OEM/ODM services. We focus on quality and have a strong quality team and quality awareness. Choose Gofuture when you buy a Dash cam.

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