Bicycle Camera


Bicycle Camera is a recorder installed on the bicycle. It's small, lightweight, durable and very discreet. Installation is very simple, you can install it anywhere on the bike as you like. It's an easily accessible camera, so you don't have to ride the bike with one hand and hold the camera with one hand. With it, you can ride more at ease and concentrate more, and you can also record all the beautiful scenery along the way.

It's waterproof, so don't worry about rain or any standing water while riding. It supports 8GB-32GB memory card, which can save the video during riding. At the same time, when the memory card is full, the video is saved in a loop, so you don't have to worry about the long riding time and the memory card will be full. In addition, if you encounter any accident during riding, you can immediately retrieve the video in the memory card as evidence.

Gofuture has been focusing on driving recorders and consumer electronic products for 10 years, and can support OEM/ODM services. We focus on quality and have a strong quality team and quality awareness. Choose Gofuture when you buy a Dash cam.

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