Webcam is a camera that can make video calls through a computer.

 FHD clear resolution and Comes with a USB plug for easy pairing with a computer and easy disassembly,No complicated pairing process required.

USB interface without driver, plug and play at any time, support notebook, desktop computer system, XP, Vista, win7, win8, win10, Apple system login.

Wide 120° flip camera, more flexible shooting angle, can be folded.

Automatic fill light, face recognition,High-speed shooting without smear, YUV automatic color correction. Using advanced SP processing technology and algorithm, the image effect is vivid, the picture brightness is uniform, the light and color layer is strong, the definition is high, and the color reproduction is high.

Our Webcam supports multiple resolutions, including 4k/30fps, 1080p/30fps, or 60fps and 720p/30fps, providing high-quality support for your applications and displays. Omnidirectional microphones and noise cancellation provide business-class audio performance.

A variety of installation methods, free to choose the installation position according to the camera operation needs, according to the accessories can be easily installed on the LCD screen, laptop or desktop. The fixing clip can be adjusted to fit various types of screens

Used for video chat, distance education, portrait collection, video conferencing, photo and video registration, to meet the needs of different groups of people

Gofuture is a manufacturer specializing in the production of cameras, with a professional technical team and innovative technology. Support customization of exclusive product boxes and brands.

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