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The portable vacuum cleaner is smaller and portable compared with traditional home use vacuum cleaner. It can be used in home/office/car. It can be differed into two types according to whether it has a built-in battery or not. The one that doesn't have a battery needs to keep the power supply and is more used in the car. And the no battery version vacuum cleaner is cheaper. Product suction is the main spec of it. The higher the suction power it has, the better work performance it has. And to meet customer's preferences and usage habits, we have many different designs and color options.

Let’s list the features of a portable vacuum cleaner: 

1. Cordless and Convenient Retractable Handle: Easy to store and easy to control, the rechargeable handheld vacuum for cars and homes can be moved anywhere, anytime, and can be used without cords. The powerful motor helps you quickly clean in all directions. The portable vacuum cleaner cleans the dust, debris, and pet hair in cars and offices with excellent performance.

2. Powerful Suction: it can produce up to 5500 Pa of vacuum suction. No matter where the tool falls, it will absorb wet or dry dirt and small garbage, and even a small amount of liquid can be absorbed without any problem. The SECULAR car handheld vacuum cleaner is exclusive to your car guard.

3. Decent Battery Life and Fast Charging: Equipped with a 2000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery as well as overcharge and short circuit protection to ensure safe charging and use. It can be used for up to 15 minutes and can be charged within 4 hours. Enough to meet the daily use of cleaning cars.

4. Large Capacity Dust Cup: The vacuum cleaner weighs only 1.2 pounds and is equipped with a washable HEPA filter that can collect up to 0.8L of garbage. The filter in the vacuum cleaner can be easily taken out and cleaned to meet your daily convenience needs.

5. Multifunctional Special Car Vacuum Cleaner Accessories: The vacuum cleaner comes with 4 different accessories, a crevice tool for removing spilled milk, coffee, tea, and other liquids; an extended hose that can easily reach the corners and spaces that are difficult to access, such as vehicle seat or large furniture; a brush tool for cleaning carpets, sofas and keyboards; a small brush for cleaning HEPA filters. Note: To achieve the best cleaning effect, please use it with accessories.

Gofuture is a electronic consumer products factory with the professional testing and inspection equipment, we can easily meet the mass production demand. Our factory are doing ODM and OEM service for 10 years, and also we can support private designs.

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