Phone Holder Wireless Charger


Car wireless charger is useful and popular in car accessories.

• Auto-sensing Telescopic Arm: Using infrared sensing technology with this car cell phone holder ,, it will automatically open when the phone is close, and automatically clamp after placing it. When you take it away, it can be taken out by touching the back, which is convenient to use and guarantees driving safety Wireless car Charger mount

• Upgrade Dual-Mode Charging: It is Suitable for 4.0 to 6.5 inch mobile phones.It supports wireless charging, and additionally equipped with Android, iPhosone, type-C magnetic plug direct charging, so that mobile phones without wireless function also can enjoy the convenient charging function. Compatible with cell phone which can support wireless chargers.

• Multiple protection: Prevent multiple safety protections such as current, voltage, power and temperature from being too high, short circuit and overcharging. At the same time, the temperature control technology chip is introduced to maintain low temperature during the charging process without interfering with the operation of the mobile phone, and to protect the battery life of the mobile phone

• Sturdy Installation: automatic phone holder wireless charger for car 's chuck is thicker, so the clamping force is stronger.As it's air vent phone mount ,the air outlet is inserted and the head is pressed down to clamp it to avoid falling off. Thickened silicone cushions increase friction and prevent slippage, even on bumpy roads. At the same time, it can be adjustable by 360° and adjusted to the angle that suits you to see.

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