Solar Panel/Battery IP Camera


Battery camera refers to the camera used in security protection. We also call security camera or IP camera. Its main features are high sensitivity, strong light resistance, small distortion, small size, long life, shock resistance, and remote control monitoring.

Wireless intelligent monitoring, mobile phone remote easy operation. 360° panoramic video, no blind spots. Built-in rotation motor, controllable up, down, left and right shooting directions. Fixed-point navigation shooting, you can set the shooting position

Two-way voice intercom, timely communication. Supports good two-way intercom, built-in microphone and high-fidelity speakers. You can talk and talk in real time while watching the screen, communication is barrier-free, and you can always accompany your family

AI intelligent detection mobile tracking, after the security camera detects the movement of the object, it can capture the motion track tracking video, and shoot the screen in real time and transmit it to the mobile phone, and record the whole process

Intelligent human nature detection, tracking suspicious movements, accurate and effective alarm. IP66 waterproof, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, lightning-proof. There is no complicated installation process, and you can change the position at will.

Our battery camera support a variety of storage methods, network disconnection monitoring, support for multiple online viewing, encryption protection, clear night vision, cloud platform control, high-definition playback, voice intercom. Super low power consumption, support solar charging, 365 days full video recording

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